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|Personal Coach | Hypnotherapist | Mentor | Trainer | Tutor |
Helping people to achieve their personal and professional aspirations in confidence through one-to-one bespoke Coaching with Hypnotherapy-if requested 
NEW: Absolutely delighted to have completed my Clinical Hypnotherapist training and qualification, now hypnotherapy can be used either as a standalone option or in addition to coaching, helping clients to embed ongoing change, e.g. stopping smoking, weight loss, anxiety & fear, and massively improve your life, safely.
This is in addition to over 30 years experience in business management, coaching, teaching and training, addressing challenges using simple but safe and effective solutions.
Not forgetting neurodiversity experience with young and older adults, e.g. dyslexia, ADD / ADHD. 


"David provides excellent personal and business coaching helping one to set and achieve targets. A positive person who oozes enthusiasm. David is currently Coaching 2 staff in our company and we are seeing positive improvements.  A "will do" attitude is at the core of all he delivers”.  

“Thank you for your support so far, it has been really fun and has made me think about how much work I need to do to build a successful business.”  

“David approaches each coaching session in an organised and methodical manner and is always equipped with different working tools and coaching techniques which help to add structure to each session.  Through his professional approach and friendly manner he creates the right environment for growth and change to happen.”


"Given that we had never met and that this was a coaching session rather than a chat, I found you to be an approachable and open person that I felt comfortable to talk to.  I felt safe in the knowledge that you would keep our conversation confidential. You had a gentle questioning style that suited me...helped me to reassess certain situations easily...was useful to verbalise decisions in order to affirm them to myself...and I would highly recommend your service...”


“David Jamieson is an excellent and motivating tutor.  He helped me to learn, develop and understand how it was applicable to work”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course; Dave made it fun and easy to understand”

“Thank you, I can honestly say it’s the best course I've been on, and I've been on a lot of courses!  We all learned a lot and laughed a lot too!”

“David has been an inspiration for Luke.  He didn`t just work with Luke on his degree, he has given him the confidence to start "believing" in himself.  He is a great developer, motivator as well as a teacher”